Habit Works

This video introduces Habit Journal, a web and mobile habit-changing platform brought to you by Habit Works.  It’s also the heartwarming story of a little water bottle that could.

Welcome to the Factory

A typical day at the Fly Machine factory, where we turn your ideas into animated videos for the world to enjoy.

The Daily Challenge

This video shows off MeYouHealth’s Daily Challenge, a social well-being program that provides a fun way to be a little more mindful about your health and happiness.

Nature Share

NatureShare is a social community for sharing outdoor moments and experiences.  Our video shows off some of its benefits and features, as well as giving the viewer a taste of the great outdoors.


This video introduces Walkadoo, a program designed to help people incorporate more walking into their daily life. The programs helps users via a web app & wireless pedometer. We help users via a cartoon of a walking disco ball.



Part of an educational series about library resources, this video focuses on scholarly journals and peer-reviewed sources.  The video itself has been peer-reviewed and determined to be “totally awesome.”


Part of an educational series about library resources, this video focuses on the methods by which academic libraries are organized.  We keep the video filed under “U” because there’s a unicorn in it.


Lightbulb Replacement Tutorial #1 & Stand By Power Reduction #1


This introductory video for a health management app walks us through the perils of trying to change a habit, and the different ways that a simple app can help.


This public service announcement, created in partnership with PETA, is all about the importance of spaying and neutering your pets.  It’s a serious subject and a great excuse to see lots of adorable kittens and puppies.


This video introduces QuitNet, a program designed to help users quit smoking and stay quit.